How to 3D Print a House is a 200+ minute series of lectures which touches on: equipment basics, construction, design, risks, permitting & regulations, ISO/ASTM regulations, business models, and finally a course of action in the pursuit of arming you with some intellectual tools you will need on your 3D printed construction journey. The course is also available to those with Lifetime Memberships of the Virtual Village. Below are some unrequested emails from course graduates which they gave me permission to share here.

Tyson – “I have to say your course is exactly what I was looking for. Having all this information in one place and actually wrapping it all up with business models was perfect. Thank you! I am sure I will be scheduling a consulting call soon.”

Matthew – “Overall great job putting this together. I have been looking at 3DCP for several years now and feel it has matured a LOT in the past year. You have done a great job covering it on your channel.”

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As more people complete this course I will be adding lessons, functions, and alumni networking opportunities. I believe there will be tremendous group value in a discord (or other group chat platform) filled with people who all have a baseline knowledge of 3D printed construction.

When the value of the course goes up with each update, the price goes up with it. This course will reach $1080 by 2023, the price will never decrease and course members will have lifetime access including updates and perks at the milestones below.

# of GraduatesMilestone
1 ✅Wow thank you so much let this be the start of something great for both of us!
5 ✅Add Short Quiz at Each Section
10 ✅Create Members Only Group Chat & Forum
25 ✅New Section “Choose a Material Provider / DIY Material”
50 ✅New Section “Choose a Printer”
100Digital Conference Free for Course Members on 3D Printed Construction
2003D Printed Construction Book Release
500Create Alumni Network Job Board


  • Wow we’ve had our first graduate! Huge shoutout to Matthew and Carlos, all future members have a better course now thanks to the improvements I made based their feedback!
  • More than 5 members have started the course so it is only a matter of time before the quiz feature is launched! Feedback is always appreciated I make updates in real time.
  • We now have a quizzes to make sure everyone is paying attention!
  • Members only group chat & forum is now live!!
  • Materials Section Live!!
  • Bonus section on ISO/ASTM 52939
  • Choose Your Printer Section Live!!