Icon 3D Prints Tiny Homes and Military Defense Structures

Recently I got the chance to speak with Dmitri Julius and Alexander Le Roux from Icon. If you haven’t heard, Icon is a startup that raise $35 Million A round led by Moderne Ventures to continue their progress developing the equipment and methodology for 3D printing buildings at scale.  Our initial scheduling got rained out.  […]

Can You Buy a 3D Printed House?

This is the most common question I receive from both the YouTube comments and my website http://www.automate.construction If you’re watching this video maybe you’ve seen some of my other videos where I tour 3D printed buildings and make content around the automated construction industry. Thanks to viewers like yourself, I now am getting access to […]

Reflection on a conversation with Matthew Carli, Director of Innovation at Laticrete

After speaking with some startups about their progress in 3D printed concrete, I thought it would be great to speak with a bigger company with decades of experience in materials engineering about their perspective on future construction tech and I was not disappointed. Matthew Carli and I spoke for 2 hours on the subject and […]

Apis Cor

About The Company The company was founded by a married couple, Anna and Nikita Cheniuntai. While Anna was studying Astrophysics in the Technical University of Irkutsk, she met a young self-made engineer with no university degree, Nikita. Despite having no profound university level education, Nikita had years of experience within construction industry and machine building […]