Introduction to Large Scale 3D Concrete Printing (3DCP)

Like a car has quantifiable specifications like 0 to 60 speed, horsepower or breaking speed, and qualitative qualities like comfort and styling as do different models of 3-D printers in construction. First let’s discuss the quantitative traits. One of the most important factors is how big of a structure can the 3-D printer create. Some […]

3D Printed Construction in Space

NASA is holding a 3-D printer construction competition for applications in outer space specifically on Mars. Apis Cor has won in various segments of this competition. There are many other companies competing in this NASA Space construction competition yet Apis Cor continues to stand out among the crowd. Construction on Mars comes with its own […]

The Eminent Automation of Construction

Preceded only by water and food in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, shelter is one of the most important attributes in the pursuit of content for mankind. Every human being requires some form of shelter and there is a huge disparity in shelters quality and amenities comparing upper class Americans to developing nations who shelters are […]